Here are some projects I have worked on


RealmTV is a tvOS app and iOS companion for watching Realm videos on large screens

Swift: Shuffle All

A serendipitous exploration of Swift's standard library.


Brewery is a simple GUI for the brew command line utility used to control the homebrew package manager. This was an opportunity for me to experiment with some OS X technologies such as XPC for communicating with a helper process which actually calls brew, as well as binding and array controllers. It also contains a light sprinkling of Reactive Cocoa.


Journeys is a simple trip planner for public transport in Ireland which grew out of a college project, providing an interface to the National Transport Authority's journey planner service. The app communicates with a RESTful application server written in node.js which passes requests on to the National Transport Authority.

Dublin Live

Dublin Live provides a simple interface to live departure times for Dublin Bus. The site interfaces with a Perl-based backend which handles requests to Dublin Bus. The frontend Javascript is currently being overhauled, however the departures and route schematic tabs should work.

equinux Picture Mails

Formerly Stationery for iPad. I contributed to the initial port of the OS X suite of stationeries to an app for the first iPad using iPhone OS 3.2. My main roles related to managing the data model using Core Data and sending messages using SMTP.